Cleaning Oil Seeds

A4 Naturals procures the finest quality oil seeds from selective farmers. The oilseeds are then cleaned carefully, removing the dust and other particles such as leaves and stems. Cleaned oil seeds are then dried in the sunlight; this reduces the percentage of free fatty acids (FFA) in the oil.

Cold Pressing Oil Seeds

A4 Naturals cold presses the oil by crushing the oil seeds in wooden pressers. We slowly crush the seeds, so the oil is extracted at room temperature. This is done so that nutrients and vitamins in the seeds are retained in the oil. The entire process is devoid of heat. Once the oil is extracted, we filter it and put the oil in steel containers. The entire process is manual, and we take all the precautions not to touch the oil with bare hands. A4 Naturals doesn’t add any artificial color, fragrance, chemicals, or other solvents in our cold-pressed oil in our oil extraction process.

Sedimentation Process

Sedimentation is a natural process of filtration. The manually filtered A4 Naturals’ cold-pressed oil is put in steel containers and left as-is for 24 hours. This is to enhance the filtration process and separate the minute solid part of the oil residue present in the extracted oil.

A4 Naturals Packaging

A4 Naturals’ cold-pressed oil is collected and packaged in 1 liter, 5 liter, or 16-liter tins as required by the customers. We use food-grade plastic bottles and glass bottles for packaging.

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