White Sesame Oil

Cold-pressed Sesame oil is the most popular and ancient oil used for various purposes. In addition to the cooking, it is used as an anti-aging agent for rejuvenating skin and in pickles because of its natural preservative property.

Advantages of Cold-pressed Sesame Oil

  • Plentiful antioxidants
  • Contains strong anti-inflammatory properties
  • Excellent for a healthy heart
  • Helps in controlling blood sugar
  • Useful for treating joint pains
  • Healing properties of wounds and burns
  • Protects from Ultraviolet rays

Energy : 884 kcal

Carbohydrates : 0.00 g

Fat : 100.00 g

Saturated : 14.200 g

Monounsaturated : 39.700 g

Polyunsaturated : 41.700 g

Vitamin C : 0.0 mg

Vitamin E : 1.40mg

Vitamin K : 13.6μg

Key Features:

* Traditionally wooden pressed

* Unrefined, pure & hygienic

* No loss of nutrients

* Natural aroma

Health Benefits:

* Full of antioxidants

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