Jon Curreri

Jon currently leads the operations and quality control teams, including underwriting, origination and servicing processes. His experience in finance and real estate management has helped Crowdcopia lend to a diverse group of Philadelphia area borrowers. Jon’s real estate career began when he co-founding C&L Investments LLC in 2008, a company specializing in purchasing, acquiring and renovating hundreds of properties. These properties were later rented in the Section 8 House Choice Voucher Program. During this time, Jon also created an independent construction company, real estate brokerage and property management company before co-founding Crowdcopia in 2016. Jon loves what he’s doing – both finding creative financial solutions for his clients and helping improve the city he’s worked in for 20 years. Jon received a BA in Economics from Dartmouth College and MBA in Finance from Columbia Business School. He is a licensed real estate broker in Pennsylvania.

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